My intent is to create an emotional language with a rich vocabulary of imagery emerging from personal memories and dreams as abstract painting. My work evolves without sketching or preconceived designs, which results in a spontaneous and forceful effect. The images are transferred on canvas or paper as a story between reality and the subconscious. Curved lines and straight lines intersect, background and image coexist, and drawing and representation merge in a painting, creating an illusion. Each piece presents a view and structure that incorporates my own symbols with a new process of painting with color and material. The tension and release result from asymmetrical clustering of radial patterns, such as floral petals and other natural shapes often pierced with sharp geometric lines and shapes. Combining traditional and non-traditional materials, which include ink, airbrushed acrylics, fabric paint, paper, and glitter, leads to the creation of something I never imagined. The use of texture, space, color, and linear elements form a visual vocabulary. Spatial complexity and an expanded repertoire of materials increase my expressive capacity. Using mixed media allows me to organize space in ways that convey my ideas and emotions more effectively. It also energizes my surfaces by inviting viewers’ eyes to travel over them in various ways.