Artist:Jamie M. Lee
Art director:Dok Chon

I participated in a collaboration project with AMOREPACIFIC, a globally recognized skin care and cosmetics company based in Korea. My artwork was selected in a competition they held for what would be used as the packaging on two AMOREPACIFIC holiday gift sets for the 2011 holiday season. The images of these two works are representative of my artistic style while reflecting the two different themes of the cosmetic lines by expression of color and imagery. I also depicted the association of the two product sets using inter-connected images that they both contain. Taking into account that both of the sets are made from elements extracted from nature, I used natural abstract images in the paintings. The full-colored images of my work are printed on the inner side of boxes with details of them embossed on the silver box lids. You can see these pieces on the holiday gift sets at select Sephora stores and Neiman Marcus across the US where they carry the AMOREPACIFIC brand.


2011년 연말시즌을 위한  화장품 패키지 디자인 프로젝트에 참여하였습니다. 이 상품은 2011년 연말시즌에 미국의 Sephora 매장과 Neiman Marcus 매장에서 한정 판매되었습니다.